$assembly = "Your Assembly, Version=, Culture=neutral, Public Key Token=5eff...(here goes assebly's token" $class = "Your Class" $list.

After document approval, i want set it to a final status where newer version of document cannot be uploaded or any modifications made (i don't care if it is downloaded and modified on users PC, but it must stay as is in Share Point).

The default behavior of Share Point is to redirect the user to the url defined by the // Will abort the thread _current Context.T deploy to production server (attaching the of ER).The guy has deployed/activated the ER in the Production, Now I am not sure how to attach it to particular document library and how to validate if/when it is attached.Thanks to the Share Point Online’s influence on the new architecture of Share Point 2013, enhanced scalability and reliability is accomplished with shredded storage, request management, the new Cloud App Model, SQL optimization and a new search architecture.Here we compare Share Point 2010 and Share Point 2013’s scalability limits: Finally, we wanted to give you an idea of the different functionality and capabilities between Share Point 2013 Server Standard and Share Point 2013 Server Enterprise.

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Get Item By Id(String str Id, Int32 id, String str Root Folder, Boolean cache Rowset And Id, String str View Fields, Boolean b Dates In Utc, Boolean b Expand Query) at Microsoft. Found the problem thanks to Paul's suggestion of attaching to Power Shell instead of w3wp (as I thought the code still runs in the IIS worker process even though Power Shell is initiating the call). Assigning the resulting object to a variable and then calling Update() on it shouldn't be any different than calling it directly, no?

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