Dominant women dating transexuals

Especially: one who hasn't had reassignment surgery, but really looks/feels/behaves like the woman she is and is mostly hard to "spot" as anything but a genetic female (maybe with one or two clues, like hand size): On hormones, has or has grown breasts, and is just extremely feminine and truly **in liberal, forward-thinking terms** is a woman except for still having a penis? Were there exceptions or consequences you were careful about? I can't exactly answer this question because I have not really dated a transsexual - tho I have kind of tried. I expect this will be an unpopular assertion, but I'm speaking from experience here: a lot of the most attractive transsexuals are prostitues, and, in my experience, most of the really passable ones are.....

Some of the things I'd like to know:-How did you incorporate her into your life? difficult to 'date' in the traditional sense.

-Are you worried your dating life will be negatively impacted if genetic girls know about your past since most of society isn't very educated or accepting of transsexuals yet and is so focused on the crotch being the sole defining factor of gender?

-How was it better, worse, different, similar to dating a genetic female? If the topic of dating transsexuals comes up casually in your social life/relationships, how do/will you respond?

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