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They believe that is the biggest reason why I should want to be here. I explain the amazing things that make me want to be here and parts of this culture that inspire me so much.

That it would be the number one reason why a foreigner would ever want to call the Philippines home. I guess it is part of the reason why I get scared to date a Filipina.

Most people I spoke to who had lived The Filipino Comfort Room (CR) Australian slang has so many words for that room with a toilet in it. Sometimes they are sincere, and other Posted in Cultural Problems and Misunderstandings Tagged with: australia, australian, australian filipina, borrow money, borrowing money, conscience, filipino, hiya, loaning money, loans, philippines, sick carabao The times they are a’changing, of course. And it’s really important that you understand this if you’re I admit that sometimes I get a little frustrated with the locals here. (Follow the link to the Wordpress BLOG page, and click the "FOLLOW" button in the bottom right-hand side.

Facebook and access to the internet has exposed the Philippines to changing moral values, yet Filipina girls are mostly still old fashioned romantics at heart. Be sure to confirm the subscription via the email you will receive.

It’s not that all of them have visited Thailand or have met any girl of Thai nationality in their own country.There is this complete sense of disbelief when I tell them otherwise. I talk about the amazing little inspiring traits I see in Filipino hearts. I get scared that I will lose that chance to challenge Filipinos to see the other things in their culture that are beautiful.In some cases people will even start laughing in the sense they really don’t believe it. I talk about the beautiful mountains, rivers, and beaches. The absolutely beautiful culture I continue to learn from. To challenge them to focus on those first and foremost. For all I know I could fall in love with a Danish girl in the Philippines, or a Swedish girl in Canada, or a Filipina in the Canada… An important topic to both overseas Filipinos and to their Australian spouses.In short, most of your relatives in the Philippines think you and your Australian husband are rich and have an endless supply of money. Those of us who descended from Europeans have forefathers who colonized other countries, and most countries in Asia were colonized by Europeans over the last few hundred years. Most of us Aussies could prattle off about another 10 – The Philippines is a poor country. However, I have nothing but The Philippines – A cash society Yes, the Philippines is most definitely a cash-society.

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